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«A material in itself is nothing if it does not carry within that load of suggestions that the avid captures; the load it produces changes… Either by the appearance of these materials, or by the very appearance of their need, architecture changes and life changes with its use…». Alejandro de la Sota.

The third edition of the InstaFASota International Contest arrives. On this occasion, the participants must design an elaborate image, of free creation or interpretation and based on any of the works or built projects of Alejandro de la Sota, which is capable of transmitting the theme of the contest. The technique is free, being able to choose between photography, drawing, photomontage or collage.

What is the only requirement to participate? Post the creation on Instagram, including:

– Motto or title of the work.

– The hashtags: @fundacionasota, #InstaFASota3, @placo_sg and @thermochip.

The three winning proposals will receive an accrediting certificate and their work will be included in a catalog and a traveling exhibition that will tour the participating architecture schools. A cash prize of €450, monographs of works by Alejandro de la Sota and a reproduction with a serial number of an AdlS sketch or drawing will also be distributed to the winner. In this edition, in addition, a prize will be raffled among all the contest participants and some runners-up that the jury reserves the right to award depending on the level of the proposals submitted.

The delivery deadline will be February 7, 2023 at 11:59 p.m. Spanish peninsular time.

· Competition rules: 3rd International InstaFASota Contest